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Pete Weiss has been helping artists make unique records since 1989. Weiss' eclectic knowledge of many types of music, organic approach to sound and performance, and his easygoing demeanor have created a high demand for his production and engineering talents with artists from around the world.

He is the founder of Boston's 24-track Zippah Studio and has been featured several times in Mix Magazine. His music/audio-related writing appears regularly in TapeOp Magazine.

When he is not in the studio, Pete keeps busy with other musical pursuits, including writing music for film, attempting to attain competence on various instruments, fronting The Weisstronauts, and dabbling in experimental musical side projects, such as Sool.

He collects 78 RPM records, esoteric musical instruments and recording gear and has had a lifetime fascination with baseball, specifically the torturous saga of the Boston Red Sox. In the early 1990's Weiss authored two books on baseball, Baseball's All Time Goats and Longshots!, both published by Adams Media and now out of print.



Pete, twiddling knobs at Zippah, circa 2000.


9"A highly respected producer and engineer."
Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe 2000

"This man has integrity as well as a keen sense of production."
The Noise 1996

" of Boston's most intuitive producer/engineers..."
Cheeseball Magazine 1998
"I have come to believe that Pete Weiss could quite possibly be an indie rock genius."
Instant Magazine 1999

"The first thing you'll notice (about Kustomized's CD) is the size of the sound...this one, produced with Pete Weiss at Zippah, packs a sonic gut punch, especially in the bass/drums department."
Brett Milano, Boston Phoenix 1996

that is one UGLY Halloween costume

Zippah renovation '95: Pete Weiss and partner Brian Charles at Zippah in early 1995 during the installation of the vintage Neve console.

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Asked recently for a list of artistic influences, Pete replied: "This is a pretentious undertaking; however, I've never been averse to slinging a little pretension around, so here goes... Ahem, some entities that have influenced me for better or worse over the years include The Boston Red Sox baseball franchise, Marcel Duchamp, Fran Liebowitz, E.B. White, Thelonius Monk, Talking Heads, Merle Travis, Lynda Barry, Stax Records, Roald Dahl, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ogden Nash, Frank Zappa, NPR's Lost & Found Sounds, The Beatles (generally I gravitate to the White Album), Jerry Reed, early Steve Miller, Aretha Franklin, Sergio Mendes, NRBQ, Man Ray, Leo Fender, Steve Stills, Kurt Vonnegut, The Monkees, Stan Ridgway, Neil Young, Jonathan Richman, Rene Magritte, Raymond Carver, Cream, Nick Lowe, The Who, Mel Torme, Sun Records, Pablo Picasso, Margaret Cho, Jimmy Smith, Buck Owens, The Kingston Trio, Dusty Springfield, Herb Alpert, blah, blah, and blah."

96"...(Charlie Chesterman's) second Slow River release is produced to a T."
Option Magazine 1997

a stunning combination of plaids and sharkskin - it brings tears to the eyes!

Charlie Chesterman and Pete, 1998

"...the real triumph here is the job...producer Pete Weiss did of recording Charlie and the band, bottling impeccably the high-energy level of these live-in-the-studio performances."
Creative Loafing 1998

Working on Don Lennon's sophomore album at Zippah, 1999.
L-R Zippah engineer Peter "Robbie" Linnane, Pete Weiss in character as "Estobon," drummer "Dee Dee,"
and Don Lennon in character as "Mitch Hurricane."

Miking drums for Magnet, March 1996 at Excello Studio, Brooklyn NY
L-R Moe Tucker, Pete Weiss.
Photo by Mark Goodman