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August 30, 2000, Kirkland Cafe, Somerville MA: Kevin Quinn and Pete Weiss flank a television monitor beaming Neal Spaulding live via satellite from the institute. It was the first time Sool had attempted any sort of live performance and it went off without a hitch. The audience was stunned at the clarity of the black and white video signal and (his non sequitors notwithstanding) the robustness of Neal's audio.

Pete looking HOT in his longjohns and helmet

A dynamic action shot of a person rumored to be Pete Weiss from the controversial SOOL performance.

Kevin Quinn, Neal Spaulding and Pete Weiss collaborated in the studio and Sool was born. The resulting two CD's have been perplexing both pop music and pop art fans worldwide.

Rather than blather on and on about the subtleties of Sool, suffice it to say the official Sool website is highly recommended. There are MP3's there as well as an easy way to order both CD's.

There have been four other known Sool live performances. October 21, 2000 at the Lizard Lounge Cambridge MA w/ The Weisstronauts and others, December 2003 at the Midway in Jamaica Plain, and two 2005 appearances at P.A's Lounge in Somerville. No known photographs exist of these fleeting appearances.


the cover of the Sool compact disc

The 1st SOOL compact disc.


Jandek Tribute CD

In September 2000, Pennsylvania's Summersteps Records released "Naked in the Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek." Pete Weiss and Brian Charles collaborated on the CD's leadoff track, an interpretation of the Jandek song "Quinn Boys II."

This is a cool, obscure, bizarre CD with appearances by Thurston Moore, Retsin, Amy Denio, Gary Young, Low and others.

More info, and an easy way to purchase the disc, is available at http://www.geocities.com/summersteps/
For more info on the ever-mysterious Jandek himself (itself?), Seth Tisue's exhaustive work-in-progress website is hi
ghly recommended. Go to http://www.tisue.net/jandek