Featuring Spritely

This album features fifteen jaunty little numbers that will appeal to the young and old...fans of traditional rock...fans of alternative rock...fans of country...hell, just about ANYONE oughta enjoy the hell out of this disc...(!)

C.D. Di Guardia
Every literal and virtual inch of this disc is full of little bits and pieces of entertainment miscellany be they musical, visual, or otherwise. The only thing missing is the scratch and sniff card and even that will probably be packaged in the final release. The liner notes are among the most complete liner notes in recent memory. This record kind of soars above the average record, … most of the tracks being pure instrumental with sporadic oddball vocals echoing off in the distance somewhere. Instrumental music is in alarmingly short supply these days, and it's nice to hear someone pull it off nicely for a change.
For a group oozing with so much skill and sound, the Weisstronauts never take themselves too seriously at any given time. There are mp3 files on this disc featuring icy club receptions, hell there's even a track on the proper program featuring an actual drunken heckler. Not a reenactment, but actual drunken heckling. Featuring Spritely is quite a trip. If listened to with the right kind of ears and the right kind of mind, “Spritely” is a journey and a half through some wormhole in the space-time continuum to some other universe made up of miniature golf courses, shiny spaceships, and vintage instruments

The Noise
Francis DiMenno
What if JFK hadn't been slain, and bands like The Raspberries and Big Star and The Ventures had unaccountably elbowed disco and punk out into left field? …Well, wait no more for such a world, because we have the next best thing while we listen to this invaluable CD. Tell me Alex Chilton couldn't have written "Fruity" and I'll tickle your catastrophe. The CD is chock full of musical laffs (check out "Tawdry") and folksy genre send-ups ("Spritely") but it's more than just a joke. The coda to "Cha Cha Ho" is heavenly; the riff and sock-o-delic middle eight from "Cranky" deserve a prize, and "Space Jaunty" is wretched excess at its most likable and listenable. Times are tough and this frivolous but musically sound assemblage is great ironic lounge music even for when you're waiting for the Apocalyptic horse - and if hedonism rather than geopolitics is your bag, so much the better. You'll dig this the most. It would make even Catullus gyrate like a toy boat caught out at sea in a wind grown wild with adult pain.